The putter reference

Theoretically, putting statistics represent the half strokes played on a golf course, but average golfers are close to 68%. This is why ValGrine has highlighted all of its know-how in the manufacture of putters. Gregory Moreau is passionate about golf but also for beautiful objects and mechanics and these are naturally transcribed during his first creation. The man searched but found no club in this sport in which he could identify, nothing out of the ordinary.

This has given way to a desire, a desire to create the most unique putter in the world. Gregory Moreau wanted to mix the utilitarian with the pleasant, and marry elegance with performance. Designed specifically for the passionate and cultivated golfer, ValGrine’s putter has acquired technologies and patents allowing efficiency never before known.

Today golfers who have tried the ValGrine putter are unanimous and conquered both the level of tolerance and performance by its balancing. ValGrine is the answer to golfers looking for refinement, comfort and novelty. Its putters also comply but especially with the expectations of golfers used to traveling business class or first private aviation.


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