Maison ValGrine

Surrounded by the best French craftsmen in order to offer an incredible range of exceptional finishing, displaying a delightful diversity of rare and noble materials, ValGrine turns the putter into a personal refinement, individual, and unique.
Luxury deploys its nuggets of perfection from the birth of a putter handmade by ValGrine, the smith curves the head, the leather maker reveals the unicity of a skin to dress a special grip, the engraver prints an indelible trace, and the jeweler setts gemstones to conclude the putter in as an exceptional item.

Our history

« I am in love with beautiful things, beautiful items, beautiful mechanics, beautiful watches, all of which tell a story. My senses are awakened by the technological feats of a precise mechanism, of a material. My job defines itself by the ultimate quest for perfection in the use and domestication of metals. I love this link between the inheritance of knowledge, trade secrets and innovation. They reassure me and open the gates of excellence”

A spokesperson of luxury, ValGrine gives excellence to the putter, through the exclusive and perfectly balanced marriage between exceptional craftsmanship, refined design, and the latest in technology.
Handmade in France, in the cradle of the metallurgic know-how, ValGrine putters are sharpened as real aerodynamic sculptures.
We transmit in our putters a real pallet of unique experiences, sensoriality, exclusivity, watchmaker’s precision and customized services. The Maison emphasizes the notion of pleasure, enhances an unequaled tolerance, pushes the player’s precision to supremacy, crossing over to the height of luxury.

ValGrine settles in a new golf perspective, anchoring putting in this day and age.

Savoir faire, trades in the arts and excellent craftsmanship are the strength of the Rhone-Alps region. In the past, the area acquired its credentials through the forging and the manufacture of weapons. The region distinguishes itself in the 18th century, achieves the prestigious status of “Royal Manufactury” for Louis XV and becomes the official supplier of the French troops.
Aware of this inheritance, ValGrine perpetuates this ancestral knowledge unique in France. Today, ValGrine joins this knowledge to modern techniques using the latest in technology.


From the first stroke of the designer, to the prototype, until the swing of the fulfilled golfer, the

ValGrine putter is more than a simple object. This is the fruit of the fierce efforts of meticulous workers, aware of sporting practices. They can be proud of having made putters that mix the rarest of metals to innovative raw material, ensuring lightness, unalterable quality, precision, great touch and sound quality. The study of the distribution of weight offers an ergonomic design linked to analignment aid represented by unique sight lines.

The excellence of the putters’ finishes call upon the know-how of the best craftsmen. When the smith realizes the putters’ curve, the leather-craftsman joins the noblest materials like grained calfskin or crocodile, stitched with linen-floss, dressing the putter in a refined suit.

ValGrine offers engravings of the « gravure sur arme » style, a technique which allows for the drawing to be transfereed with the highest precision, translating its subtleties with faithfully. We master the hollow-bottom-etching for adornment and the carving for the varnish’s overlay.

Our grips and headcovers are made of genuine leather, using the noblest part of the skin, no matter if its ostrich, crocodile or calfskin.
Without sanding the leather keeps its natural grain and all the skin’s characteristics.
Our leather master craftsmen are instructed in the purest traditions of Compagnonnage.

ValGrine uses the 4 grains setting, this very delicate operation is mastered in our factory. Equipped with a magnifying glass, the master points and adjusts the exact measurements of the gem to insert. The setting of precious gems on the putters is a customized service.


Our putters are constituted with innovative metals with intrinsic qualities, such as rarity, lightness, and indestructibility. These materials are used in various domains such as the aerospace industry, aeronautics, formula 1 as well as boating and orthopedics.
The metals we use are, among others, aeronautic aluminum, forged carbon fiber and high density nickel alloy, all of the above assembled with golden screws.

Some treatments are able to improve the characteristics of metals. ValGrine offers to personalize the putters with the appropriate treatments. We offer colored anodizing, high density nanotechnologies, or ionic diffusion. At the same time we offer different finishing with different and exceptional results, such as raw factoring, Geneva coast, polishing, Satinising or micro-pearling.

Finishes that call for jewels, such as 4 grains setting, the use of gold, platinum or the option of full diamond settings are feasible on the entire putter.

Our inserts are realized with materials generating different sounds and sensations of touch. Beyond the aesthetic aspects, their personalization has a technical justification. The ValGrine laboratory developed different grooves, offering an optimized adherence rate. This choice responds not only to a unique desire, but also determines the spin of the ball.


The EPV label recognizes the excellence of french craftmanship. This label means Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, or Living Patrimony Factory, rewards the few French craftsmen registered in the high tradition of apprenticeship, characterizing the excellence of savoir faire in France. ValGrine putters are entirely handmade and require more than three months time from drawing to completion. We were awarded in 2014.

Born Ultimate : The Born Ultimate awards celebrate once a year know-how, art, design and luxury in Courchevel, the luxury French ski station, 2400 meters high. The Oscar awarded to Grégory Moreau, ValGrine’s father, during this ceremony is commnesurate with the status of this exceptional ski station.

Comité Bellecour : The members of the Bellecour committee are craftsmen registered in exclusive craftsmanship, including masons as well as carpenters, the ValGrine putters evolve alongside wooden bathtubs and blown glass from the beginning of 2014, the year ValGrine joined the committee members.