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the putter reference

Theoretically, putting statistics represent the half strokes played on a golf course, but average golfers are close to 68%. This is why ValGrine has highlighted all of its know-how in the manufacture of putters. Gregory Moreau is passionate about golf but also for beautiful objects and mechanics and these are naturally transcribed during his first creation. The man searched but found no club in this sport in which he could identify, nothing out of the ordinary.

This has given way to a desire, a desire to create the most unique putter in the world. Gregory Moreau wanted to mix the utilitarian with the pleasant, and marry elegance with performance. Designed specifically for the passionate and cultivated golfer, ValGrine’s putter has acquired technologies and patents allowing efficiency never before known.

Today golfers who have tried the ValGrine putter are unanimous and conquered both the level of tolerance and performance by its balancing. ValGrine is the answer to golfers looking for refinement, comfort and novelty.

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high technologies

ValGrine putters are made of materials from various areas such as aeronautics, marine industry, Formula 1, watchmaking. The use of these materials is innovative in the field of golf. Each material has been chosen to optimize its primary function. ValGrine combines them into a single putter to create the best performance.

For example, the Hosel carbon*, an aid in alignments on two planes, the insert with perimeter plane support*, all innovations and technologies have immediate and lasting benefice effects on the quality of play on the green. The ValGrine putter allows for very clear and sensory feedback.

ValGrine indeed offers new sensations to players in putting. Work on biomechanics has helped ValGrine to design putter forms favouring concentration and using the cognitive memory of the golfer. The golfer finds some confidence in its game and a no-frills field of view for good readability of the line. Then, the player makes body with his putter! ValGrine pro-laying trusts its senses (sight, hearing, touch) to ensure accuracy and consistency in the game.


haute couture

ValGrine putters grew up in the cradle of French metallurgy. Hand-made in France, they are chiseled like real aerodynamic sculptures. From the first feature of the creator to the player swing, the ValGrine putter proves to be more than just a club. It is the fruit of the valuable work of Master craftsmen all from the long tradition of craftmanship.

It takes a thousand operations and 18 to 22 trades to make a single putter, which takes two to three months of work. Each manipulation is thoughtful, precise and controlled, to provide putters of indisputable quality.

Gregory Moreau, with mechanical engineer training and a passion for golf, proposes a new concept. He is this unique link between engineering, French Crafts and knowledge of the practice of golf. ValGrine is part of a new perspective in golf.

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The Born Ultimate awards celebrate once a year know-how, art, design and luxury in Courchevel, the luxury French ski station, 2400 meters high. The Oscar awarded to Grégory Moreau, ValGrine’s father, during this ceremony is commnesurate with the status of this exceptional ski station.


The EPV label recognizes the excellence of french craftmanship. This label means Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, or Living Patrimony Factory, rewards the few French craftsmen registered in the high tradition of apprenticeship, characterizing the excellence of savoir faire in France. ValGrine putters are entirely handmade and require more than three months time from drawing to completion. We were awarded in 2014.

The members of the Bellecour committee are craftsmen registered in exclusive craftsmanship, including masons as well as carpenters, the ValGrine putters evolve alongside wooden bathtubs and blown glass from the beginning of 2014, the year ValGrine joined the committee members.